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Hi, my name is Adrian TRUFiT and I am a Integrated Nutrition Coach and Wellness Chef. I specialize in providing health and wellness solutions to connect you in new and more intentional ways thus allowing you to function more productively.




Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard.

Most approaches to healthy eating dwell on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, I coach my clients to explore basic improvements and implement gradual changes during our work together. As these pieces accumulate, my clients find these changes collectively creating a much larger impact than they originally anticipated. We work on what they want to improve within the circumstances of their unique situation.

No One Diet Works For Everyone

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About Me

Thank you for taking the time to check out my page. It’s been quite the journey and I am really excited to share my experience with you. My education has equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention. Drawing on my expertise, I work with my clients…


” I learned about nutrition starting with the basics and growing from there, its all about education and application. I was able to learn and understand the principles and then apply them to my daily life.”

“A note of thanks for being such an inspiration and positive influence! I’m so glad our paths have crossed–You are helping SO MANY people in SO MANY different ways. You’re a blessing!!

“Adrian is an fantastic motivator and is helping me align myself mentally, physically, and food-illy, and I’m already feeling an amazing change taking place within. Thank you for enabling me to feel safe, happy, and driven to succeed!”


Do you find yourself getting unhappier with feelings of depression? This could be caused from being in a bad relationship, having money problems, feeling isolated and lonely, making bad nutrition decisions, missing someone you lost or being diagnosed with a chronic disease. If you are tired of living the way you are living, you can do something about it. You can create the future you by reprogramming your mind. This book provides you with a deeper understanding of how your conscious mind and subconscious mind work.

You will learn how to remove bad habits and limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind, allowing you to create new healthy habits through a systematic approach. This book outlines a step by step plan on how to achieve optimal health and wellness through reconditioning your mind. You will discover useful mental fitness training techniques such as goal setting and positive visualization. More importantly, how to use them once you have learned how to identify your ‘why’ and what you really want out of life.

Could One Conversation Change Your Life? Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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